LBV-88 – My customised take

My Youtube channel “officially” kicked-off with the release of the ALICE gear setup video years ago. I used that setup for a long time. This was mainly due to my interest in Ranger units during the 1980s and early 1990s. Before this I was using the LBV-88 that I had modified to suit my needs. In essence that means it was not “accurate” for a solid impression. It was and still is my personal favorite, though I do like my ALICE webbing as well. Now that I have gone more towards the impression route rather than reenactment, I wanted to bring the LBV back.

This post will highlight my own personal philosophy of setting it up. Influences from the 1980s are visible. Specifically influences from units like Delta, who can be seen using the early versions of the LBV in Panama, Iraq and Somalia. I made posts about these kits for Delta a while back. The posts portray some of the kit used by Delta Force during Operation Nifty Package in Panama, Operation Desert Storm in Iraq and in Somalia during Operation Gothic Serpent

The setup

The belt itself is a USGI ALICE belt with the duck bill buckle. This has been my favourite belt and it is used in all of my old school kits so far. There is a cut strip from a USGI foam mattress on the belt for added comfort. It is attached straight to the belt with paracord. 

Starting from the front side, there’s one first aid/compass pouch located on the right side of the buckle. On the left side of the buckle is a repro AWS pistol magazine pouch. An excellent choice for my 1911 magazines. Next to this on the left hand side is an ALICE magazine pouch. This holds small items, such as a pocket knife, electrical tape, camo cream etc. The contents are the same as featured previously in the post I made about my ALICE webbing.

The main magazine pouches for the LBV have been slightly modified. The two outermost pouches have been raised slightly. This is a personal preference, and they do not impede shouldering. The other two innermost pouches are left untouched. Capacity is the same, with one magazine each in the inner pouches and two each for the outer pouches.

Continuing on to the left, there is another ALICE magazine pouch. This one is reserved for my radio. I still use the Baofeng UV-5R as my go to setup for airsoft games. As many others do as well. Moving to the back, I have two ALICE canteen pouches, with a M67 buttpack in the middle. The buttpack can be seen on Delta operators during Panama, which is where I got the inspiration from. Personal preference and it does not hurt to have a little extra carrying capacity. Depending on the scenario.

Buttpack in use by Delta operator in Panama, during Operation Nifty Package.
Buttpack in use by Delta operator in Panama, during Operation Nifty Package.

The right side of the belt is clear of any pouches. A repro AWS 1911 holster is attached to my trouser belt, so keeping this side clear of pouches helps with drawing and holstering. I never really liked this holster, but then again locating an old school Safariland proved to be extremely difficult. They are out there though.

LBV-88 right side front

Final thoughts and full disclosure

I initially started this post in spring 2022. The intention was to finish this way earlier and continue to do posts about some custom old school kit. Plenty of ideas, of which none made it here. There’s always the “real life got in the way” route, but for me personally, it was just the lack of inspiration. I have been doing this for years now. Took a longer break and thought that everything would come back and I could get back into writing. Creating content is something that I really enjoy. At this point I have to admit that the passion for old school has died out a bit. At least to the extent needed to continue writing about it.

There will still be posts on this blog, but the topics can be away from the current subject matter that has dominated the blog for years. If you still keep coming back, I really appreciate you. All the old posts will remain online. And, as per usual, here are some pictures to finish everything off. Have a good one, sports fans. 



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